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Here are some country remedies. Although some of these are still used in our area, I do not recommend that you try them!

Slippery elm or baked onion will draw out soreness and infection.

Chewing yellow root heals a sore mouth.

Spicewood tea or ginger tea will break out measles on a child.

Don't have a tooth pulled during dog days. The gums will bleed excessively and be slow to heal.

Green walnut juice is beneficial when rubbed on ringworm.

Acifidity helps relieve asthma.

Tobacco juice soothes a bee sting.

Add baking soda to new potatoes after cooking to prevent diarrhea.

To cure thrash, allow a person who never saw his father to blow in the baby's mouth.

For a chest cold, make a paste of kerosene, turpentine, and tallow. Rub on chest and cover with a heated wool cloth.

Tea made from wild cherry bark cures yellow jaundice.

To alleviate hives on a child, pass him through a horse collar.

Swallow a drop of turpentine on a teaspoon of sugar to cure worms.

Cap a thimble over ringworm and turn it three times to heal.

Smoking a pipe will prevent toothaches.