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George Wolfe
and Mary Wolfe

George Wolfe, son of Jacob Wolfe, Sr., moved to Knox Co., TN prior to September 22, 1821 as indicated by a document recorded in Washington Co., VA listing that as his residence. In this document, his sister, Mary, and his mother, Catherine, gave him power of attorney concerning the sale of land in the deed dated October 19, 1821.

Mary Wolfe, daughter of Jacob Wolfe, Sr., married Christian Horner as indicated by the Washington Co., VA deed dated October 19, 1821. At the time the deed was recorded, Mary was living in Knox Co., TN as evidenced by the document giving power of attorney to her brother, George Wolfe. She and her husband had moved there earlier. Christian Horner purchased land in Knox Co., TN on July 26, 1811.