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9) Sarah C. Welch, born about 1833. When a survey was made on September 3, 1930 for Irby Neal, the following certificate was issued:

Field Notes of I.W. Neal's land.

Tract No. 1, formerly known as Lots No. 1 and No. 2 of the Tandy Welch land, which was assigned to Sarah C. Welch (Lot No. 1) and Rebecca Yeary and Thomas M. Yeary, her husband (Lot No. 2).

The two lots surveyed as one boundary are bounded as follows: Beginning at a large flat rock on top of the River Bluff, said rock has a hole drilled in it as a marker for the Va., and Tenn. state line; then, running with said line, S. 88 E. 11 po. to the edge of the river. Then, down the river as it meanders as follows, S. 9 1/2 W. 9 po. and 12 links; then, S. 7 1/2 W. 18 poles, then S. 12 1/2 W. 5 po. and 15 links; then, S. 25 W. 10 po. and 15 links; then, S. 45 W. 13 poles; then S. 86 1/2 W. 10 po. and 20 links; then, S. 77 W. 6 poles; then leving the river and running with lines of Stephen Welches land (it being Lot No. 3 of the Tandy Welch land) as follows: No. 25 9/10 W. 66 po. to a white oak (now a stump). Then, leaving the Stephen Welch land, and running with the state line, S. 89 E. 83 poles to the beginning; containing 42.19 (42 19/100) acres be the same more or less. Degrees and distances corrected to present date.

This Sep. 3, 1930.


M.M. Speak, Sur.

This document seems to indicate that Sarah C. Welch never married.

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