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Biography of Tandy Welch

Tandy Welch was born in Virginia on August 25, 1793 and died in Hancock Co., TN on November 27, 1864, according to the Welch family Bible. He enlisted in the military at Mulberry Gap, TN on November 13, 1814. He served six months and five days during the War of 1812 in the 4th Regiment under Capt. John Brock. He was discharged on May 18, 1815 at Knoxville, TN.

On March 26, 1818, a certificate to Tandy Welch for twenty acres of land was recorded in Claiborne Co., TN. This land was located "on the north side of Wallins Ridge on the waters of Powel's River" and had been surveyed on March 5, 1816. On July 24, 1820, Tandy purchased thirty acres of land from Edward Dotson in Claiborne Co., TN, also located along Powell River. In 1826, Tandy received a land grant for 100 acres on the south side of Powell River in Claiborne Co., TN. All of the previous land holdings became part of Hancock Co., TN when that county was established in 1844. In 1829, Tandy purchased 100 acres of land from Absolom Robinson on Powell River in Lee Co., VA. This land adjoined his other holdings at the Tennessee-Virginia boundary. Tandy received two bounty land warrants for his service in the War of 1812, each containing 80 acres. The location of these grants has not been determined.

Tandy helped organize and was a member of the Speaks Chapel Methodist Church in Lee Co., VA. He was listed as a trustee in 1839.

Tandy married Mary "Polly" Clarkson on June 22, 1820. The marriage took place at Rob Camp Church in Claiborne Co., TN and Archibald Bales, Esq. performed the ceremony. Tandy and Polly Welch had seventeen known children:

George W. Welch, born about 1821 and died between 1860 and 1870. Census records list him as "afflicted."

James W. Welch, born about 1823. He married Martha "Patsy" Fletcher.

Sterling Welch, born about 1824. He married Frances Fletcher.

William Welch, born about 1825. He married Clarkie Schofield.

Henry Lea Welch, born about 1827. He married Anna Coffman.

Tandy Welch, born about 1828. He married Hannah Dodson.

Marion Welch, born about 1829. He married Sarah Ann (?).

Nancy Jane Welch, born about 1831. She married John Beeler.

Sarah C. Welch, born about 1833.

Mary Welch, born January 2, 1835 and died March 7, 1910. She married John C. Yeary.

Mahala Welch, born about 1836. She married James Trent.

Elizabeth R. Welch, born about 1838. She married first (?) Widby, second Isaac Beeler.

Millie Welch, born January 1840. She married Granville Widby.

Robert C. Welch, born September 1842. He married first Mary Ann "Polly" (?), second Catherine Alice Dean.

Susan Welch, born about 1843.

Stephen B. Welch, born July 9, 1849, died September 22, 1930. He married Elizabeth Coffman.

Rebecca Welch, born March 1848. She married Thomas M. Yeary.

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