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Here you'll find out more about Scott County, VA

Hiltons, VA

Hiltons began as a post office at the home of Byrd Hilton. The house was a large log structure which burned several years ago. My husband's maternal grandfather and his family were the last to occupy the house.

Chief Benge traveled through Hiltons during his raids on the families of Southwest Virginia. After his abduction of members of the Livingston family, Benge and his party followed the Holston River to the Fulkerson property with the intent of raiding the home. His plan was abandoned because there were so many men present helping to construct the house. The Fulkersons lived about one mile east of present-day Hiltons. This was Benge's last raid.

Hiltons currently consists of a convenience store, a restaurant, a post office, an auction house, an elementary school, and four churches.

Mace's Spring

About three miles east of Hiltons is a little community known as Mace's Spring. Once known for its fresh spring water, Mace's Spring included stores, a railroad depot, a school, and a church. Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church was established in 1906 and is still active today.

A.P. Carter's store was located at Mace's Spring. It is now a museum with the Carter Family Fold situated next door. The former "Poor Valley Road" that runs from Hiltons through Mace's Spring to Mendota has been renamed "A.P. Carter Highway." Both Mt. Vernon Church and A.P. Carter's Store are listed in Virginia's Register of Historic Places.


The history of Nickelsville dates back to the early 1800s. The town was named for James Nickels, Sr. and his descendants. James settled about 1 1/2 miles from present-day Nickelsville in 1814. The land was referred to in subsequent deeds as "the Nickelsville land."

Nineteen acres of James Nickels, Sr.'s land was sold to his son, William, during the 1830s. William established a storehouse near what is now the center of town. William later sold the store to his brother, Walter, who continued the business for several years.

Nickelsville was first incorporated in 1878. The town is currently flourishing with a population of approximately 420. The Nickelsville Days Celebration is held each year the last weekend of June.

For more information about the Nickels family history, please visit my husband's web site.

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