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Here is a poem that I wrote about my childhood.

~Memories of a Country Girl~

I was born in old Virginia near the line of Tennessee.

My playhouse was a big flat rock beneath a cedar tree.

I was raised up in a little old log house my Papaw built.

My bed was always warm beneath a handmade patchwork quilt.


In summertime we'd take a walk across the swinging bridge,

Then up the road until we reached the top of Wallens Ridge.

At night we'd sit out on the porch and listen to the frogs,

The jarflies, and the katydids, and my uncle's old hound dogs.


For breakfast Mom made gravy with hot biscuits, soft and light,

And Dad would eat cornbread and milk at bedtime every night.

They'd tuck me in and say, "Good night," and then Dad read to me

A story from the Bible 'til I finally fell asleep.


Mom taught me how to cook and sew and to economize.

Dad taught me how to sing the lead and how to harmonize.

They taught me how to love and laugh; they made our house a home.

I'll always cherish those memories no matter where I roam.