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Here are some rhymes I used to hear as a child.

The needle's eye that does supply
The thread that runs so true.
Many a beau have I let go.
Because I wanted you.

This one is recited while bouncing a child on your knee:

Trot-a-horse, trot-a-horse, up and down the hill.
Take a turn of corn and bring a turn of meal.
I won't be back till tomorrow at noon,
Bringing Daddy a dish and Mommy a spoon.

This one is recited while jumping rope:

Cindarella, dressed in yellow,
Went upstairs to kiss her fellow.
Made a mistake and kissed a snake.
How many doctors did it take?

Here is another rope-jumping rhyme:

Johnny over the ocean,
Johnny over the sea.
Johnny broke a window pane,
And blamed it on me.
I told Mama, Mama told Papa.
How many licks did Johnny get?

Here is a charade-like game:

Pretty girl station.
What's your occupation?
Get to work and get it made.

Here is how to spell "Huckleberry Pie":

H - U huckle, B - U buckle, C - U cuckle, Y.
H - U huckle, B - U buckle, B - U berry pie.

This one doesn't rhyme, but is a cute one spoken while pulling toes like "This Little Piggy":

This toe says, "I'm gonna steal wheat."
This toe says, "Where abouts?"
This toe says, "Grandpap's barn."
This toe says, "I'll tell."
This toe says, "Goody, goody, goody, you can't get over the doorsill."

Here is another game to play with a little one:

(Touch child's forehead) This is the rooster.
(Touch child's nose) This is the pullet.
(Touch child's chin) This is the hen.
(Touch child's nose again) What did I say that was?
(When child replies, "Pullet," pull his nose.)

Do you remember . . .

. . . Drop the Handkerchief?

. . . Who's Got the Thimble?

. . . Red Rover?

. . . Blind Man's Bluff?

. . . Ring Around the Rosey?

. . . doing the Hokey Pokey?

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