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Indian Pipe
Latin name: Monotropa uniflora
Member of the Wintergreen family (Pyrolaceae)

Also called Corpse Plant, American Ice Plant, or Ghost Flower. The translucent, waxy pipes are unique. The single nodding flower, about 1 inch long, is white or pink and turns blackish with age. Erect, usually clustered, stems bear small scales representing leaves. It grows to a height of 4 to 10 inches. It is found in moist, rich, shady woods and grows on decaying vegetable matter and is somewhat parasitic. It blooms between June and August with the blossoms followed by an oval, many-seeded capsule which becomes erect in ripening.

"A Field Guide to Wildflowers, Northeastern and North-central North America" by Roger Tory Peterson and Margaret McKenny
Encyclopaedia Brittanica, Volume 12

Photo taken behind my house